How to pick the best estate agent

Owen spoke to The Irish Times on how to pick the best estate agent. On the bidding process, you want the bidding process to be efficient for both the buyer and the seller. Marketing strategy is very important as you want as many eyes as possible on your property. The more buyers that see your property, the more viewings, and bids there will be.

Therefore, it is very important to ask agents about their own marketing strategy. Agents should have experience generating leads outside of, and the for sale sign. There is a new cohort of buyers who get a lot of their information from social media so agents need to be advertising on the relevant platforms. One example was a lady who bought a significant house on South Circular Road and she worked in a tech company and was in California.

Agent fees vary and the range can change depending on the value of the property. Marketing fees also vary with drone footage, higher-spec photography, video, and newspaper adverts, typically used for high-end properties.