I want to rent a property with my pet

At Owen Reilly we encourage our landlord clients to accept pets under certain conditions and here are some tips in helping to secure your new home for you and your furry friend.

Be transparent.

Be open and honest about your pet from the beginning of the process. Show you are a responsible pet owner and are committed to being a good and a reliable long-term tenant.

Be prepared to pay a pet deposit.

Some landlords may seek a higher deposit so be willing to pay a pet deposit to give re-assurance to your new landlord that there will not be issues and that you will look after the cost of any unexpected damage.

You may also have to be agreeable to pay for a professional clean at the end of the agreed tenancy.

Prove your pet is a good tenant.

Be one step ahead and have a previous landlord reference to hand stating that there were no issues with your pet. This is a great starting point in satisfying your letting agent or new landlord that there will not be any assumed problems to the property.

Be realistic.

Take a sensible approach to the suitability of a property for your pet. A large dog in a small one-bedroom apartment is not good for you or your pet and you will have a hard job convincing an agent or landlord of the same. If you are a dog lover, open space is a must, so choose a property that is close to public parks or better still somewhere with a private back garden or generous outdoor space.


Agree to regular property inspections which may be more frequent to the norm or better still encourage them. Take advantage of this in helping you and your pet to prove there are no issues and this can be beneficial in creating a good and long-lasting relationship.

Be a good neighbour.

Be aware that pets mean more than potential damage to a property. They can be an annoyance to neighbours so start on the right foot by introducing your pet and this improves your chance of showing them how well behaved they are while building friendships.

There are lots of pet friendly apartments available and close to doggy daycare centres, grooming salons and veterinary practices. From our experience we have found that those who have pets and in particular dogs tend to be older, mature, and more responsible by nature so begin your process to finding your new home by proving just that.