Here is our Q4 report on the Dublin residential market. 2020 ended on a positive note given the year that was. 75% of our buyers were owner occupiers, a record high for us since we started trading in 2008. We saw a fall in investor activity and worryingly for tenants 78% of our apartment vendors are landlords exiting the market so the number of available rental units continues to deplete. New rental activity remained elevated as renters were drawn into the market by the enhanced affordability.

As we head in to 2021, we expect prices to stabilise near current levels and demand to increase as buyers we are dealing with are really motivated. 

Key findings:   

  • Selling prices 2% below asking prices  
  • Sales transactions up 10% compared to Q3   
  • 75% of our buyers are owner occupiers   
  • 48% of our sellers are landlords exiting the market   
  • Rents have fallen 11.7% since March though have now stabilised