Located on the Southside of Dublin city, and very close to the city centre, Portobello is regarded as one of the coolest neighbourhoods and prettiest parts in town. This suburb offers the convenience of city living with the charm of a quiet suburban life. Portobello has a real village feel and only a ten-minute walk from the city centre.

Food options are limitless and right on your doorstep; from an array of cool independent coffee shops through to high-end Michelin recommended restaurants. With the canal running parallel to this neighbourhood, locals can enjoy all the benefits of city living with a natural sanctuary on the doorstep. It is as an ideal place to call home or the perfect spot to spend an afternoon.

History & Culture

Portobello came into existence as a small suburb south of the city of Dublin in the 18th century, centred on Richmond Street. During the following century, it was completely developed, transforming an area of private estates and farmland into solid Victorian red-bricked living quarters for the middle classes and terraced housing bordering the canal for the working classes.

Normally referred to as Portobello Bridge, the correct name is La Touche Bridge, which is named after William Digges La Touche (1747–1803), from a prominent Dublin business family.

This area is famous as the birthplace of George Bernard Shaw and its sizeable Jewish population during the first half of the 20th century.

Portobello had an influx of Jewish immigrants in the late 19th century, leading to the neighbourhood being known as “Little Jerusalem.” While the Jewish population declined, they have a continued presence in the area, in the form of the Irish Jewish Museum.


Synge Street primary school is the main school in the area with a number of options across Dublin 8 including Griffith Barracks Multi-Denominational School, St Brigid’s Primary School, Francis Street School.

Secondary schools include Christian Brother Secondary School on Synge Street, St Louis High School and St Marys in Rathmines.

Portobello is also home to Atlas Language School which is a leading English Language School in Dublin.

Dine & Drink

The Bretzel Bakery is a Portobello institution since 1870, and this is where to go to get a freshly baked loaf of bread and sweet pastries. You can also enjoy a coffee and a cake in their quaint cosy onsite café.

Love Supreme has become a morning ritual for many, with fresh coffee and breakfast pies on offer and a chance to sit at the window to view a display of beautiful redbrick homes. Fresh coffee and breakfast pies sitting at the window here has fast become a must.

Brother Hubbard café offers food that is designed to make you feel better with nourishing breakfast, brunch and lunch options.

Other great coffee options include Sister Sadie, Bibi’s Café, Nelly’s and Grove Road Café.

Rotana café is a BYOB option serving great Lebanese food and outdoor shishas.

Richmond is a French restaurant offering excellent quality food and deservingly has been recommended by the Michelin guide.

Upmarket Delahunt and Bastible restaurants are five minutes away and provide wonderful dining experiences.

Living in Portobello means no shortage of pubs. The Barge is right on the canal where people come in their droves during the summer months to enjoy the rays and pretty canal view.

J O Connells pub on South Richmond Street provides a warm welcome to locals and visitors and is known for serving one of the best pints of Guinness in the city.

The Portobello Hotel and Bar was once a pub known as Davy’s, famously taken over by nationalist rebels during the 1916 Easter Rising and continues to be a popular meeting place to enjoy a drink by the canal.


There are several local shopping options with two Spars on your doorstep, small locally owned retailers and famous bakery and Mexican store. All the major shopping centres in the city are only a 15-minute walk away and lots on offer in Rathmines, with a Lidl and Aldi are just a 5-minute walk away.

Other Neighbourhood Offerings

The old Garda Club is home to Flyefit, a 24-hour gym on your doorstep offering over 80 classes a week.

Christy Bird’s antique and furniture shop is a wonderful store filled with beautiful antiques and rare finds.

Learn how to make the best Mexican food at Picado, who offer small Mexican cookery classes in a cosy retail space setting.

Portobello is also home to the Copper House Gallery, a local art gallery with frequent exhibitions featuring contemporary Irish art. Tucked away behind a row of houses it’s a special find.

The cake café is a hidden gem away in a leafy courtyard, a haven from the bustle of city life offering baking classes and great food options. You can enjoy a glass of prosecco with a tasty bun or two!