Owen Reilly tips on improving your kerb appeal if selling your home.

The autumn season is always a busy time when more homes come to the market in Dublin. Even though it is a seller’s market, presentation and kerb appeal are very important and can always be improved on. Some people may struggle to see it through the eyes of someone new and to support this please see our tips to maximise your home’s kerb appeal and ensure it is making the best possible first impression for buyers.

1. Approach the home the way potential buyers will

It is an important to walk through your front door from the street so you can understand what changes need to be made. Stand on the street and get an overall first impression, then proceed up a walkway or driveway, looking at your home from different angles. Walk up to the front door and into your home so you can see what the first glimpse of your home’s interior will be.

2. Start with the landscaping

There is a reason why landscaping is so effective in improving kerb appeal and this is usually the easiest, cheapest and quickest way to improve the look of a property. Make sure the grass is cut regularly, and the trees and shrubbery are properly trimmed and maintained. Walk along all of the paths and the driveway to ensure there are no encroaching or overhanging plants or vines.

3. Add seasonal plants

If there are planting beds or outdoor pots, put them to good use with seasonal flowers or other annual plants. Choose easy-care flowers and plants, and make sure that they are watered and maintained as needed.

4. Paint the front door

This is one of the cheapest ways to make a big difference in the way the home looks. We favour black doors! However, don’t be afraid to go for more unusual colours if they fit in with the home’s aesthetic.

5. Replace exterior lighting and hardware

If the house numbers, mailbox, door hardware and lighting fixtures look like they were added and replaced at various times over the years, it might be time for a more cohesive look. Create a coordinated appearance with hardware and lighting in the same finish and in a design that is appropriate for the home’s style, whether period or contemporary.

6. Power-wash hardscape 

Power-washing is a quick and inexpensive way to refresh the driveway and paths around the home’s exterior. If there is a porch, deck or terrace, power-washing can make it look brand new and increase its appeal as well.

7. Clean windows, and properly place window coverings 

Clean windows both inside and out, and make sure that the window coverings look good from the outside. If there are blinds, make sure they are opened or raised at the same level in each window. If there are curtains, make sure they are opened or pulled back the same way.

8. Stage the front porch 

While we often think of staging in terms of a home’s interior, you can stage the exterior spaces as well. With a front porch, make sure you have seating with outdoor-friendly cushions, baskets and tables.

9. Double-check forgotten items 

It can be so easy to leave out a garden hose, a bag of potting soil, or children’s toys and sports gear, especially if you are used to seeing them day after day. Approach the property with the eye of a newcomer and look for anything that’s out of place or that should be stored away properly and not left outside.