BLOG Selling your property at Christmas 2015

Blog Post by Anita Davey, December 10th 2015

Is this the right time of year to sell your property?

Christmas is a time when family, friends and neighbours gather in celebration. Very often in this relaxed atmosphere people tend to reflect and evaluate their lives. I am often asked when is the most suitable time of year to place a property on the market. The truth is all trends have been bucked in recent times, for example last December was one of our busiest months. No doubt the end of the capital gains exemption and the impending Central Bank mortgage regulations influenced this. Other factors included the desire to go to the market early, thus taking full advantage of the Christmas holiday period when people tended to be out and about in their neighbourhoods noticing desirable properties and considering moving house.

The majority of vendors stick with tradition and hold off until the new year or spring to advertise their property. I believe that it makes sense to sell when there are less properties available for sale and potential buyers are more likely to notice your property
, simple supply and demand! According to myhome,ie in December 2014 there were 2003 new properties advertised, this increased  by 80% in the month of February when 3610 new properties were added.

Both and have said that they see a significant spike in hits over the Christmas period, this is thought to be down to gifting of smart phones, ipads and tablets. UK. based property portal have reported millions of people logging on over the Christmas period to find their next home. Over three million people visited their website on the first day of January. .

Owen Reilly Property consultants like to be ahead of the curve and our advice is if you are considering selling your property in 2016 go early. Get ahead of the crowd because those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it.

Anita Davey, December 10th 2015