Should I let my property to pet owners?

Should I let my property to pet owners?

At Owen Reilly we encourage our landlord clients not to rule out a large portion of the rental market and to consider pets under certain conditions. Here are some tips to put your mind at ease and to help ensure that your property is protected from your new tenant and their furry friend.

Safeguard your property. Seek a higher deposit if you feel there may be any risk to your property to cover the cost of any unexpected damages. You may also agree at the beginning of the tenancy that a professional clean is to be arranged at the end.

Check insurance cover. Check with your insurance company to see if your landlord insurance for building and contents includes any unintended pet damage. It might be worth paying an extra small fee to ensure cover for this.

Trust references. Request a previous landlord reference specifically for their pet which will give you the confidence that there will not be any no issues.

Meet potential tenants. If you have any doubt, meet with your prospective tenant and their pet before agreeing to anything. This will give you reassurance before making any decisions.

Be realistic. More and more tenants want to have their own pets so do not rule them out as being the perfect tenant for your property. Pet owners are generally more mature in nature and more and more places are becoming pet friendly.

Inspections. Request regular inspections of the property for peace of mind which gives a tenant and their pet the ideal chance to prove things.

Be transparent. Be open and honest about your pet policy from the beginning. By considering dog owners as tenants, your property will instantly become a more sought-after option. This does not mean that you always have to rent to pet owners but being open to the idea is really encouraging.

Happy tenants. It can be difficult for a tenant to find a happy long-term home with their pet and if they are successful in securing a dog friendly property, they are more likely to stay longer.

Owen Reilly was involved in Dogs Trust “Renting with Rover” campaign as one of the few Estate Agents who encourage landlords to consider pets. Link to full pdf here.