The Docklands Residential Report 2020

Today we have released our annual Dublin Docklands Residential Report.

Some of the more interesting data from 2019 includes:

  • Average selling price was €483,875. Average price per sq. ft. was €623, down 3.85% on 2018.
  • Prices up to €400,000 are up 2.4% and prices above €700,000 are down 3.8%. Different tiers of the market are performing very differently.
  • For the first time the majority of our buyers are owner occupiers
  • Average salary of our tenants increased by over 8% to €127,618
  • YOY rents increased 5.3%. However rents on 1 beds increased nearly 7% due to  the chronic shortage
  • Only 8% of tenants in Docklands are Irish nationals
  • 55% of our tenants work in the technology sector
  • Average monthly rental is now €2,479, 20% higher than the Dublin average
  • Rental yields for investors have improved to 6.2% and we expect they will improve further given the Docklands work force will double in the next two years.

Link to report: TheDublinDocklandsReport2020