Prime Dublin Period Homes Market Report 2022

Our special report on data from our transactions on period homes across our key markets confirms period homes are still very much in demand but mainly by Irish people with limited demand from international buyers.

The report focuses on properties based in Dublin 2, 4, 6 and 8 where most period properties are located. This year we have experienced very strong demand for period properties with average selling prices at €1,092,126 or €628 per sq. ft.

The main trends we are seeing from our transactional data for 2022:

  • Average selling prices were 4.1% above asking prices.
  • Average selling times were 6.3 weeks.
  • 60% of buyers required no mortgage funding.
  • 86% of our buyers were Irish.
  • The average age of our buyer was 44.
  • Dublin 6 had the highest selling price per sq. ft. at €683.
  • Dublin 4 had the highest average selling price at €1,830,759.